Dam Safety Management Plan, Kamuzu Dams, Malawi

The Government of Malawi has secured financing from the World Bank for implementation of the Lilongwe Water and Sanitation Project (LWSP). An important part of the LWSP involves raising Kamuzu Dam I, the first of two major dams on Lilongwe River, by 5 meters. The construction work is scheduled for completion in late 2021.

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Dam Safety Management Plan, Kamuzu Dams, Malawi
Lilongwe Water Board


Lilongwe Water Board has engaged Norconsult to develop a Dam Safety Management Plan (DSMP) to ensure safe future operations, maintenance and monitoring of both the Kamuzu dams (Dam I and II). The objective of the Dam Safety Management Plan is to protect life, property and the environment from the failure of either of the Kamuzu Dams. This objective can be achieved by implementing and maintaining an appropriate dam safety management program.


The Dam Safety Management Plan includes four distinct but related components. These include an Instrumentation and Monitoring Plan, Operations and Maintenance Plan, Emergency Preparedness Plan, including Dam Break Analysis and finally the overall Dam Safety Management Plan.

The Dam Safety Management Plan for the Kamuzu Dams is based on best practices outlined in various national and international guidelines published by CDA (2013), ANCOLD (2003), FEMA (2004), ICOLD (Bulletins 154, 158) and NVE (2010).


Norconsult has been involved in water supply and water security projects in Malawi for over 30 years and has previously been involved in assessing the Kamuzu Dams as part of the National Water Development Project in 2001.

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